About Us

Ostrander Corporation is a highly-respected construction management and general contracting firm. Since 1991 we've delivered high-quality projects that match our client's high expectations without jeopardizing timetable or budget. We have built spectacular and beautifully functional spaces for restaurants, corporate offices, retail clients, banking, financial and educational institutions, as well as for medical offices.

Our accomplished record reflects our expert process. We work hand-in-hand with every client, developing a flexible plan to fit the project's vision. We team with architects, engineers, builders and highly skilled subcontractors, balancing talent, experience and a crisp attention to detail and schedule. Our open-book approach has earned us many loyal customers; we have ongoing work with many of them and most of our new work comes from referrals.

What our customers are saying

"It makes my job so much easier knowing I've got a team so all-fired focused"

"They are so on top of things that half the time I call with a question, they've already made note of it on their own and addressed it. It makes my job so much easier knowing I've got a team so all-fired focused on addressing my issues instead of their own agenda."

Vice President, Market Officer
Prologis, L.P.